Understanding Test Data Has Never Been Easier

Welcome to the Special Education Decoder System where you can easily see how your child's test scores compare and relate to each other.

Text and charts are just too difficult to make much sense of. But if you could see those scores on, say a bell curve, you could see how one skill relates to another. Then you can begin to understand those differences because it is in a format that makes sense.

Easy to Use
  • Straightforward and uncomplicated way to key in test scores
  • Key in composite and sub-test scores from 40+ tests
  • Scaled scores, percentile rank scores, standard scores or even Z and T scores can be entered
  • All scores are automatically converted to standard scores for ease of comparisons
Immediately See Graphed Test Scores
  • Each test’s scores are automatically charted and color-coded in rank order from the highest to lowest
  • Tests scores are automatically plotted and color-coded on the normal distribution curve
  • You control which test scores to have plotted on the bell curve for purposes of comparisons
  • ONLINE accessibility by any computer, iPhone, smartphone or tablet
  • Program and reports are available wherever you have an internet connection
  • Plug in a projector to share graphs and charts at IEP, eligibility and other school related meetings
  • Print and save any charts and graphs that you create

Decode Student Test Scores. Gain Insight.